Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce Settlement

Social media has opened a public platform for us to share our accomplishments and our frustrations. Sometimes we share too much. It is easy to pour our feelings over a keyboard when anger gets the best of us. In most cases, the result is minor embarrassment and a deleted post. When it comes to divorce, oversharing can lead to much worse repercussions.

It is important to tread lightly when filing for divorce. Social media posts can be used as ammunition in divorce proceedings. Avoid these common mistakes on social media to prevent damage to your settlement or child custody order in Tennessee.

Avoid These Four Social Media Mistakes During Divorce

Don't bad-mouth your ex. Divorce is an emotional and complex process. Arguments are common, leaving both parties feeling hurt and angry. Social media platforms are not a good place to vent about your ex. Your words can be recorded and used in an argument against you in litigation.

Don't post about child custody issues. Your children are your world and it is frustrating when you feel like they could be taken away from you. Never post about your child custody issues on social media. The results could impact your child custody order and parenting time with your children.

Don't talk about your new relationship. It is natural to want to gush over your new partner. While they deserve the appreciation, posting about them on social media is a bad idea. Revealing details about your dates on a public platform opens up the possibility for accusations of adultery or a wasteful dissipation of marital assets.

Don't post weekend party pictures. Party pictures can easily be used against you in divorce litigation. Pictures showing that you have been spending money or drinking alcohol can have a negative impact on your divorce settlement, child custody order and even your alimony agreement.

Call An Attorney To Get The Best Out Of A Difficult Situation

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